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Magellan Backpack is your new favorite travelling companion that helps you archive (YES-YES just like a WinRar) everything you need

Latest Updates from Our Project:

❗ Magellan Backpack manufactured and ready!!
15 days ago – Tue, Nov 17, 2020 at 01:51:27 PM

Hello everyone, we have great news!

We have successfully completed the manufacture of the Magellan backpacks! Please see the images from the plant below:

Please keep following our updates to learn as soon as we are ready to announce further details on shipping, which is expected soon! :)

Thank you all for staying with Magellan!

Geeek Club Cyberpunk PCB Construction Set

Geeek Club models are like the Legos of the future: assembled using a soldering iron, printed circuit boards (PCB), specialized tools and electronic components.

Geeek Club is plugging directly into your sci fi nostalgia, and bringing kick-ass multi-legged WarMechs, and sleek Supercharged StarFighters to your Workbench!

Click HERE to learn more!

❗Delivery, addresses - Please read!
26 days ago – Fri, Nov 06, 2020 at 11:14:29 AM

Hello everyone!

Today I would like to apologize it took us this long to post a new update, but unfortunately, things were pretty heptic and a bit unpredictable with the Covid lockdowns.

However, I am happy to let you know that production is nearly wrapped up, and we'll start the shipping process roughly within the next 10 business days!

We would like to ask that you make sure you've completed your BackerKit surveys, and if your address had changed recently, that you update it in your survey. ❗ This needs to be done from your end, unfortunately, we do not have the manpower to do this manually, so please follow the brief instructions below if you would like to change your address! 

1. You can access your BackerKit survey using the invitation (confirmation) email sent to your email address associated with your Kickstarter account.

2. Alternatively, you may use this link to get into your survey:

Thank you very much for backing, and we'll have more news soon!

State-Of-The-Art 30-Second Phone Sanitizer

You wash your hands many times a day, because everything you touch is literally crawling with bacteria and other microbes. But when was the last time you washed your phone?

The Basvo Sanitizer is revolutionizing “phone hygiene”. UV germicidal LEDs from both sides reduce spread of germs living on your phone in only 30 seconds.

It’s easy to use, with a lightweight, portable design perfect for carrying in a backpack, briefcase or purse – or simply becoming a permanent fixture on your desk.

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❗ We're Charging your Shipping Fee! - Rongo Inc
3 months ago – Fri, Sep 11, 2020 at 11:23:25 AM

Hello everyone!

This is a quick update to let you know that we'll be charging your credit cards over BackerKit (Stripe) for the delivery fee of your Magellan Backpack.

As you are aware, we are collecting the shipping fee after the end of the campaign. This is one of the purposes of BackerKit surveys, which we have sent to you.

When you've submitted your address and payment information, we did not immediately charge you. This will be done within the next few days.

❗Please note that the transaction will appear on your bank statement as towards "Rongo Inc"!

Thank you very much once more for backing our project, and we'll see you in our next update!


Sleeved Weighted Blanket Designed with Every Comfort

Weighted blankets work through a scientifically-validated principle known as “deep pressure”, which stimulates the same nervous systems as a gentle massage. But there’s a problem with ordinary weighted blankets. Because your arms are able to move in and out of the blanket while you’re sleeping, your nervous system doesn’t get even “deep pressure” to every part of your body, especially your sides. The Sleeved weighted blanket is different. With built-in sleeves, the Sleeved envelops your body with deep pressure stimulation to maximize the positive effects. The contrast is night and day.

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Geeek Club - CYBERPUNK

Printed Circuit Boards Construction set & Toolkit

Immerse Yourself In Building Futuristic Models with Iconic PCB Design & Electrical Components

Click HERE!


iUVì | UV-C Water Purifying Smart Bottle

UV-C Water Purifier | Powerful flashlight | Integrated power bank | Patent pending

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❗ Your Magellan Backpack is Funded! About the Shipping
3 months ago – Thu, Sep 03, 2020 at 12:19:28 AM

Hello everyone!

As you have no doubt noticed, our campaign, the Magellan Backpack, has been successfully completed!

I would like to humbly thank all of our 466 backers who made this possible. We can't wait to start, and will provide you with regular news and updates as we move towards manufacturing.

As noted in our campaign description and every pledge details, we are collecting the shipping fees after the end of the campaign.

We're doing this over the BackerKit survey platform, that also lets you submit your address, and choose add-ons, if you need any. Please check your email for the invitation.

Thank you all once more, and we'll see you in our next update!

Whipr. A portable 3-in-1 paddle, ski & rowing machine

At just 6x6” and weighing around 6lbs, whipr is a fully functional ERG paddle, ski and rowing machine conveniently sized to fit in any home gym, studio apartment or workout space. Get a full sized workout, pack it down in seconds and store it next to your sneakers.

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The AirBolt GPS - Global Tracking Like it Was Meant to Be

World's Smallest GPS, LTE-M and NB-IoT tracker lasting up to 12 months per charge | Global | Welcome to a Lose Free Future!

JUST LAUNCHED: Hurry only a Limited Number of Super Early Bird Specials Left with 45-55% off!


HUNT3.0 | The World’s Smallest Multi-Function Flashlight

Small, powerful, and compact, with a flashlight on one end and a tiny pry bar on the other, HUNT3.0 is designed to make your everyday life easier. Crafted from premium quality titanium, and with three LED color options—bright white light, secretive UV light, and stealthy red light—you can light your way wherever you go.



SuperCarrier: Every Bag You’ll Ever Need

SuperCarrier is the perfect combination of rugged, space saving engineering and clever urban design. Finally, a bag for life that might live up to the name. It’s strong enough to carry up to 110lbs/50kg, has five compartments so you can separate your meat from your nut roast, your wet towel from your white wine and still keep your valuables safe. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE


FRESKO V8 - Affordable & Hands-Free 5 In 1 Food Vacuum Sealer

FRESKO V8 - Embrace Modern Healthy Living Now With World’s First Hands-free 5 in 1 Food Vacuum Sealer.  👉 Universal Vacuum Bags Compatible  👉 External Vacuum Capable  👉 Prevent Wines From Oxidizing  👉 Dry Food Vac-Seal Supported  👉 Moist Food Vac-Seal Supported  Save the food in a simple way, save money right away.  Early Bird FRESKO V8 price starts from $59.

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🔥 8 Days Left! Special Offer for Magellan
4 months ago – Tue, Aug 18, 2020 at 11:51:51 AM

Hello there!

We are really humbled and grateful for you warm support for our project, the Magellan backpack.

There are only 8 days left until our Kickstarter campaign is over, and we would really appreciate if you could help us further by telling your friends and relatives about our brand new type of backpack.

And we would like to provide a further incentive by offering cashback for every pledge you bring. You can earn 16% from every dollar you bring to our campaign by using Kicksbooster, a well-known affiliate program. Simply follow instructions on this page, if you're interested:

Thanks again, and we'll see you in our next update!


The only pant you need for Travel, Work, and Play | Built sustainably in the U.S.A.

Get rid of heavy, restrictive standard pants, and replace them with the one pant that’s ultra-lightweight, supremely comfortable, extremely-durable and styled for versatility.

We built The Territory Pant in the U.S.A. to have your back(side) in every environment.

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Jelly 2, World’s Smallest Android 10 4G Smartphone

Jelly 2 is a credit card size 4G smartphone designed by Unihertz, who has four successful Kickstarter campaigns. Upgraded from the smallest 4G smartphone Jelly,

Jelly 2 arrives with a 3-inch screen, 2 times longer battery life, upgraded camera system and GPS sensors. Equipped with an advanced Android 10 system, NFC Function (included FeliCa), versatile software pack and more, Jelly 2 is perfect for nights out, exercise, or when taking a break from your full-sized smartphone.

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X8 PLUS: Active Noise Cancelling Immersive Earbuds

Introducing the X8 PLUS, the TWS earbuds that offer premium features without high-end price tag: they typically offer true immersive sound experience with smart active noise cancelling, PLUS Transparency mode for hearing what’s happening around you without interruption. Click Here


Doit2: All-metal Integral Molding Foldable Phone/Tablet Stand

Innovative Solid One-piece Design | Foldable & Potable | 360° Multi-angle & Height Adjustable | Compatible with Smartphone & Tablet

DOIT2 is a Minimalist Smartphone & Tablet Holder for Your Modern Life. Together with the Doule-rotation shaft structure with multi-angle adjustment can realize height and front-back adjustment. Click Here


The Piss Pad

A highly dense, defusing target that attaches to the back of one's toilet bowl to defuse urine splash-back. The Piss Pad is minimal, functional and the first in-home urine splash-back tool of it's kind.

Learn More while early birds are still available.


Mozu Hanger - Innovative, Eco-Friendly Clothing Hangers

The Mozu Hanger is a beautiful, slim, Earth-friendly hanger with an innovative notch that eliminates the stretching of collars. From baby outfits to adult shirts, the Mozu Hanger can revolutionize the way you hang your clothes. To learn more, CLICK HERE.